SNAKEGRINDER "Snakegrinder...and the WARPIG "S/T" LP


WARPIGLion Productions, in association with Kreation Records, proudly unearths another buried-treasure of pure ‘70s hard rock in Canada's WARPIG. This is an early masterwork of psychedelic proto-metal. A high quality, remastered piece of vinyl that combines sounds from the era of rock that is timeless and just so good. Elements of Black Sabbath (of course), Flower Travelin' Band, Uriah Heep and even Grand Funk Railroad make this album easy to love. You will be suprised that this band was not a success in the past once you hear it—it's that good. Warpig's long-sought-after self-titled debut will surely satisfy the cravings of both longtime collectors and the new breed of retro-rockers alike!"; "Ultra rare heavy progressive psych hard rock album, only released in Canada in 1970. Some serious stuff, heavy and psychedelic, groovy and dark, Warpig were a heavy rock outfit very much in the spirit of Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Iron Butterfly, Blue Oyster Cult. Heavy heavy riffs, thick fuzzy organ, kick ass drumming, and wild wailing vocals, lengthy extended riffing, organs atop guitars, slithery snake-like leads, throbbing sludgy bass lines, and catchy songs. Every track is a killer: the wild proggy Jethro Tull-ish groove of the opener 'Flaggit,' the 'In A Gadda Da Vida' meets Black Sabbath jam 'Tough Nuts.' One of the best (and strangest) tracks is the lengthy instrumental epic 'Advance In A Minor,' a dense moody, almost classical sounding metallic prog workout, with loping minor key stretches of muted low end guitar strum and simple piano chords, strung between killer bursts of mathy prog, staccato and dynamic, the whole track eventually twisting itself into some slow burning hard rocking blow out, propulsive and relentless. Later on comes another lengthy jam, the strangely titled 'U.X.I.B.,' rife with wild wailing leads, a groovy main riff, fuzzed out organ, and long stretches of blissed out space rock drift, with the vocals not joining in until nearly halfway through. Unlike a lot of supposedly heavy "proto-metal" records, where one or two of the tracks rock super hard and the all the rest are just bad twelve bar blues bar rock, every track here is heavy and proggy and groovy and spacey and pretty dang metal for 1970." This new edition of 500 copies comes with a full-color insert.

Track List:
Side A:
1. Flaggit
2. Tough Nuts
3. Melody With Balls
4. Advance Am

Side B:
1. Rock Star
2. Sunflight
3. U.X.I.B.
4. The Moth

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