"Tunog Pinoy"

(1977) (KBA-5009)

"Wally On The Road"

(1978) (KBA-5024)

A much more varied album than we expected—just listening to the soaring solos of the third track, ‘Pinag-isa’, makes us think how much this sounds like Pink Floyd circa “Dark Side of the Moon”—atmospheric, with breathy vocals, yet thick with that mid-70’s heavy energy at the same time; then you get to ‘Rock & Roll Mama’, and it’s stinging guitar leads and crunching rhythm section all the way; Gonzalez clearly was not a one trick (heavy acid blues rock) pony, which explains why this album has always been held in such high regard among those who had a chance to hear it.

1 Tugtugan 4:22
2 Palaman 3:40
3 Pinag-isa 5:07
4 Ala-ala 3:15
5 Rock n roll, mama 4:25
6 Ikaw lamang 2:15
7 Kabataan makialam 3:40
8 Nag-aawitan 5:57
9 Isang kahig, isang tuka 5:30

Catalogue number: KBA-5009 (LN)
UPC number: 4800616770108

Wally On The Road First off, don’t be deceived by the title—this is a studio album all the way; altogether a different sort of album from “Tunog Pinoy”, thudding out of the gate with the monumental ‘Kailan Pa Kaya’, syrupy treated vocals, John Bonham-esque drumming and all; dig too, if you will, the Zeppelin vibe of ‘Screw’ before sailing into the trippy, acoustic ‘Tattong Araw’, or the legendary ‘Wally’s Blues’; more effects than the earlier record, sounding more like newfound recordings from the late 1960’s than a mid-70’s record—this has more psychedelic credentials than most reissues which get that label bestowed upon them; you might say that while “Tunog Pinoy” is classic rock in the best sense, this is classic psychedelia, in the best sense.

A1 Kailan Pa Kaya?
A2 Bagong Kabuhayan
A3 Screw
A4 Tatlong Araw
A5 Open Fire
B1 Dalagang Mahinhin
B2 Rockin' Roller
B3 Wally's Blues
B4 Tayo Na

Catalogue number:KBA-5024 (LN)
UPC number: 4800616770115