SAINTE ANTHONY Wild, loud, raw New Jersey hard psych beast from 1970 that’s been a favorite target of record collectors, dealers, aficianados and swamp dwellers for the past few decades. Also described thus: "Totally fucked up, messed up New Jersey hard psych monster that can’t be bettered. Loud, wasted vocals, speedfreak riffing / soloing, bashing rhythm section, like a hayride to hell. To me, one of the all-time best albums if you like drugged-out 60s anarchic hard psych." Another quality collaboration between Lion Productions and the Vintage/Rockadrome label. Deluxe package includes an 11x17 poster and full size insert with liner notes, press clippings and lyrics.
Points of Interest:
• "This legendary private press is rated as one of the ultimate local basement hard rock blowouts by many connoisseurs. Released as early as 1970, the end result has some similarities to MC5_s hallowed Kick out the Jams, but I find this a superior and more powerful album" - The Acid Archives

• "a masterpiece of zonked out, fuzz-drenched hard rock" - Shindig!

• "Super rare 1970 album by this ass burning, heavy '70s U.S. acid rock trio. Savage guitar and vocals that rip through the speakers contributing to a mega-rare slice of fiery ear candy." - Freak Emporium

• Vinyl reissue of collectable private press record from 1970 that demands $1000 at auction that has been carefully mastered and packaged to faithfully reproduce the original release right down to the labels.

• Another sure to sell-out limited edition vinyl release from Vintage/Rockadrome including 11x17 poster and full size insert with liner notes, press clippings and lyrics.

From the band's official 1970 bio:

Once in a lifetime a man can see byond the horizon, past his normal senses. A time to see more than reality. Only once in many lifetimes a man see's and can communicate this experience to others - these men are called poets; soothsayers, magicians, witches, gods, and musicians.
Sainte Anthony's Fyre was one of those experiences. The name was derived by the people of a small town in France in 1953, who had eaten rye contaminated with Ergot poisoning. They saw beyond death, the Gods, and things that no mortal has ever seen no could hope to comprehend in this life. These visions deeply emotional, religious, sometimes horrifying, sometimes illiciting love deeper than man could ever hope to experience in this plane of non-reality are the themes behind the lyrics woven into the very fabric of the music. People caught, and many are, by the finely woven patterns of progressions and rides find themselves emoting beyond the normal plane of reality, unable to rationalize what they are feeling. But digging every second of it.

Think this is absurd, beyond belief? No so, listen to Sainte Anthony's Fyre and hear your soul.
Sainte Anthony's Fyre is a trio of emotion packed musicians, each different, and added together the total is more than the sum of the individuals.

Greg Ohm; lead guitar, vocals. Age 21, seasoned musician of 10 years, has played with many groups. But always an individualist, not satisfied with yesterday's music and always searching for tomorrow's sound. His sound is fast and hard. A fantastic showman to the end.

Tom Nardi; bass guitar and vocals. Age 21, ambitious, hard-working, looking for something just out of sight. Working as a team with the drummer to achieve an elastic rythmical pattern behond normal rigid standards.

Bob Sharples; drums, percussion. Age 21, friendly, funky, funny - always ready to talk to anyone and usually will. Can communicate unusually well with Tom and Greg to pull both together and give basic rythmic pattern for improvisation for all three to use.

All three together - Sainte Anthony's Fyre - professional concert and recording artists.

Track listing:

1. Love Over You
2. Get Off
3. Summer Fun
4. Starlight
5. Lone Soul Road
6. With Your Beau
7. Chance of Fate
8. Wet Back.
Total Running Time: [32:47]

Catalogue number: ROCK/LION041-V-1 LP + poster + insert
UPC: 85858104101