PROBE 10 "There is a Universe"


 PROBE 10 "There is a
                                      Universe""This masterpiece crawled up my spine like a kundalini snake and proceeded to take the top of my head off. Probe 10 are unquestionably linked to a very specifically American form of proto-prog-into-jazz-rock synthesis of the precise sort Elektra Records used to specialize in, from Tim Buckley's Starsailor to David Stoughton's Transformer. Toss in trumpet fanfare laden acid psych straight out of the C.A. Quintet songbook, the riotously melodic and dense brassy arrangements of McLuhan... and...well...hold on to your hookahs!" —Mutant Sounds

"Unique jazz-rock album with major space-rock vibes. You have to love the way the bass counters the effects-laden guitar solos and heavy fuzz. Considering how many loner folk and hard rock private press albums came from the same time period, discovering something this ambitious and unusual is a real kick. Most of the time, it sounds like the world's best exploito-jazz record, Herb Alpert filtered through Pink Floyd and Quiet Sun." —Acid Archives

•Rare private press jazz/space rock album, on reissue wish lists for years

•Limited edition of 500 copies  

•Booklet comes with notes from the band

•The mini LP sleeve CD edition has five non-LP bonus tracks!

Track List:
01: There is a Universe (6:22)       
02: Invasion of the Malladroids: (a) Invasions (4:52)                
03: Invasion of the Malladroids: (b) Fields of Malladroy (1:41)       
04: Invasion of the Malladroids: (c) A Battle (3:48)
05: Invasion of the Malladroids: (d) Dirge (1:11)
06: Invasion of the Malladroids: (e) Will There Never Be an End? (1:01)
07: Intergalactic Crossfire (4:04)                
08: Solar Winds (5:01)
09: To Improvise a Dream (2:27)       
10: Galaxy Fire (6:15)
Bonus tracks (rehearsals and demos)
11: Untitled (4:59)                
12: The Playing of the Game Pt. I (0:57)                  
13: The Playing of the Game Pt. II (3:43)                 
14: Enchanted Mountain Pt. I (2:31)                       
15: Enchanted Mountain Pt. II (3:43) 

Catalogue number: LION 672
UPC: 778578067229