In 1968, the Plastic Cloud recorded, quite simply, one of the greatest psychedelic albums ever made. This a record with few equals, full of foreboding melodies and lovely hippie harmonies, as well as some of the most superb and trippiest, Eastern sounding fuzz guitar ever recorded. There is no point singling out a specific track, they are all excellent—one is equally as good as the next. Take for example the album centerpiece, the ten-and-a-half-minute ‘You Don't Care,’ an insane piece of social commentary that features terrific back-of-the-mix fuzz guitar as an elusive focal point to its extended pounding-drum laden instrumental breaks; with a great chorus and a plaintive melody in the verse, it doesn't overstay its welcome, winding its way to a final freak out. Essential psychedelia! We feel that it’s about time this fine record got it’s due on vinyl, so we have gone all out: it is mastered from the original tapes; the gatefold inner spread has the original LP text, lyrics for all of the songs (thanks to Don Brewer, the man who wrote them), as well as rare photos; as an insert, we have included a replica of an original press release that must be seen to be believed. Now, on to the presentation—the highest quality mastering and pressing (done at Acoustech Mastering/RTI in California, the same plant that presses every title that Classic Records makes); the resulting LP is housed in a poly-lined sleeve, inside an ultra-heavy 1960's style gatefold jacket, which is housed in a loose-fitting plastic sleeve. The LP labels are replicas of the original Allied silver and blue labels. A top of the line pressing all the way. Limited edition of exactly 700 copies.

Side 1:
1 Epistle To Paradise 3:25
2 Shadows Of Your Mind 4:10
3 Art's A Happy Man 3:05
4 You Don't Care 10:25

Side 2:
1 Bridge Under The Sky 4:25
2 Face Behind The Sun 4:43
3 Dainty General Rides 4:05
4 Civilization Machine 8:5

Catalogue number:LION LP-103