(aka "1967 Recordings")


NEON PEARL-LP"In 1967 my musical world shifted and changed when Neon Pearl with their hazy riffs, mildly hypnotic vocals, and layered sonic meanderings made up of gentle guitar distortions, and ever expanding floating harmonies filtered from across the ocean from my speakers, morphing like clouds caught by the setting sun, holding and reshaping the light... The music of Neon Pearl is not about complication or extraordinary guitar playing … Neon Pearl is about the steady redemption of warm fog, ethereal jangling guitars, dream laden lyrics and the altered state of consciousness it’s able to bring on though an elegant deep and pervasive sedative drone. There are those who will attempt to infer that these tracks come across as incomplete and monotonous … yet in them I find fully realized concepts that go far beyond mere notes, where these songs ride as one of the soundtracks to my life. And even today, with so much music traveling down this avenue, it’s to Neon Pearl that I return time and time again, with each track inching a memorable smile across my face." —Jenell Kesler, Amazon

Incredible sessions from the year of psychedelia’s apex—gliding rhythms and softly pulsing melodies floating on a bed of organ and harmonium ('Out Of Sight' and 'Going With The Flow' in particular are especially delicious). Peter Dunton (drums/vocals), Bernard Jinks (bass) and Rod Harrison (guitar) (sometime members of Please and The Flies, and later in legendary—and suddenly very popular—band T2) plied their trade as Neon Pearl in Germany in the summer of 1967. After a few months playing to appreciative German audiences, they returned to England where a music publisher financed them to lay as many tracks to tape as they could within the few hours booked. The result is what we have here. Almost certainly the most spartan of Dunton-related material reissued thus far, but it doesn't suffer because of it, rather it gives it a feel all of its own. Contains studio recordings from 1967 and 1968 taken from surviving tapes and acetates.

Neon Pearl’s album was never released at the time... but these recordings can be filed right next to those of the likes of Tomorrow, July, Forever Amber, The End, The Zombies "Odyssey & Oracle", and Blossom Toes. Peter Dunton later worked in The Flies, Gun, Please, Bulldog Breed and then in 1970 went on to form the superb T2. The first vinyl edition of the album was originally pressed in a tiny quantity and is now long sold out. This edition has been remastered and comes with an insert and new cover art. Edition of 500 copies.

Import edition limited to 250x copies.

Track List:
side A
01 What You See
02 Dream Scream
03 Out Of Sight
04 Just Another Day

side B
01 Forever
02 Going With The Flow
03 Urban Ways
04 Going Back

Catalogue number: ADLP 1032
UPC: 778578903213