"Salsa a Todo Sabor…"


First time on CD for this crucial early Salsa album, carefully remastered from the original tapes!

LINARES Peruvian pianist Alfredo "Sabor" Linares is a legend—a cult figure—long recognized throughout Latin America as one of the creators of salsa music. He started out recording Afro Latin jazz in the late 60s, with two solo LPs and guest piano and arrangement work for both Coco Lagos and El Combo de Pepe. In the early 70s, he moved to Cali in Colombia, and became heavily involved in what developed into the Salsa scene. Fast forward to 2007: Linares' profile was given a boost outside of Latin America following guest piano appearances on The Quantic Soul Orchestra recordings and his show-stopping performances in their accompanying live shows. Linares' records have been published in several countries, and on many, many labels... although not always under his name. Case in point, Linares' "Salsa a Todo Sabor..." album: it was recorded in late 1972 for the IEMPSA label in Peru, and released by them in 1973; it was also released in Colombia that same year; but in the U.S. it was released by the Audio Latino label) under the name of Madison Orchestra, and re-titled: "A Lot of Salsa—Rhythm in the Alley," with a new cover, and with two tracks removed. Not at all confusing. And the music? a scorching combination of danceable Latin Jazz and Afro-Cuban music. The rhythms of boogaloo and Latin soul are there in profusion, with the piano and bass carrying the groove. Then the rhythm changes: from boogaloo to salsa, as well as to guaracha and guaguancó. It's no exaggeration to say that the Latin percussion style of a handful of albums like this one certainly had an impact on the creation of the New York salsa scene, and the trio of trumpets adds a Puerto Rican flavor. Three singers deliver the knockout punch: Panchito Nalmy, Rolo Bernal, and Koky Palacios, singing in the style of Fania. Around the same time he recorded the "Salsa a Todo Sabor…" album, Linares recorded the 45rpm single: 'Yo no soy guapo' (I am not handsome) / 'Sujetate la lengua' (Hold on language); both sides of this rare single are included as bonus tracks. Our Lion Productions (USA) + Repsychled label (Peru) jewel case CD edition uses the original Peruvian album cover, and includes a booklet with text in Spanish and English.

01. La salsa va a comenzar
02. Boogaloo girl
03. Macchu Picchu
04. A los timbaleros
05. El bravo soy yo
06 Ritmo del callejó
07 Pa' juga nama
08 Recuerdame
09 Mańana de carnaval
10 Bomba en el Peru
11 Vuelve; 12 Guaguanco en onda.

Bonus Tracks:
13 Yo no soy guapo
14 Sujetate la lengua (rare 45rpm single tracks)

Catalogue number: LION 7656
UPC: 77857876562