ilous & decuyper It has always seemed a pity to us that the Ilous & Decuyper LP, (first issued in 1971 on the boutique Flamophone label), has not been more widely available. It is an inspired album, with superb vocal harmonies and an introspective quality that sets it apart from most other musical efforts of the time. Even the circumstances surrounding the recording are unusual: the duo squatted at the Vogue studios for more than a year, using (almost to the utmost extreme) that facility’s 16-track equipment for many a dark night. The result was a sensuous sound full of subtlety and emotion—elaborate music based on elegant arrangements and orchestrations. It doesn’t hurt matters that French rock icon Jacques Dutronc’s backing band, including extraordinary guitarist Jean-Pierre Alarcen (also a key member of Systeme Crapoutchik and Sandrose), helped out their friends on some of these sessions. This CD includes all the tracks from the eponymous album, and as a bonus, two non LP-tracks from Ilous & Decuyper’s second single, recorded and released late in 1971. The booklet contains a detailed band history, rare photos, and lyrics in French and English. It just goes to show what can be done with late nights in the studio if you have talent, great songs, and a flair for overdubs.

1 Indifférents 1:22
2 Vous Mourrez Demain 4:03
3 Cor Bucolique 2:56
4 Eleonor Rigby 4:39
5 Non 3:42
6 Nuit De Glace 1:10
7 L'Elu 2:44
8 Cyclothymie 4:03
9 Mélancolie 3:46
10 Hawaï 0:54
11 Berceuse 2:35
12 Beurk!! 3:42
13 Indifférents 1:22
14 Aime Toi Toi-Même 3:25
15 L'Espoir 4:00

Catalogue number: LION 610M
UPC number: 778578061029