“Release the Sunshine” LP

When we first issued this terrific album—twelve perfect examples of dreamy sunshine pop/folk psych released by independent Canadian label Allied Records in 1968—on CD some time ago, our booklet featured the few scraps of information on the band we could find. We challenged “anyone out there” to find some information on this elusive and intriguing band, with the offer of a reward that would be “something very Folklordish.” Well, we’re pleased to say that someone took us up on that offer, and that someone was band leader Tom Waschkowski. He very graciously offered for this LP package (and the forthcoming mini-LP sleeve CD package) a band history, lyrics, some terrific photos, and best of all, a rare pre-album single that the band had self-released. This allows us to offer up as perfect a reissue of this album as humanly possible. The Folklords “Release the Sunshine” is a captivating album, a notion shared by the many collectors world-wide who fight for original copies, which are few and far between. Glorious sound, as the reissue taken directly from the master-tapes. Bonus single is an exact replica of the rare, privately issued non-LP single, which features haunting, drum-less versions of ‘Forty Second River’ and ‘Unspoken Love,’ both of which were re-recorded for the original Allied release. Now, on to the presentation—the highest quality mastering and pressing (done at Acoustech Mastering/RTI in California, the same plant that presses every title that audiophile label Classic Records makes); the resulting LP is housed in a poly-lined sleeve, inside an ultra-heavy 1960's style gatefold jacket, which is housed in a loose-fitting plastic sleeve. The LP labels are replicas of the original Allied silver and blue labels. A top of the line pressing all the way. Limited edition of exactly 700 copies.

Track Listing:

Side 1:
1. Jennifier Lee (3.20)
2. Don't Hide Your Love From Me (2:55)
3. Child (3.42)
4. Unspoken Love (2:08)
5. Windows (4:17)
6. Forty Second River (3:18)
Side 2:
1 . Pardon Me Judas (3:10)
2. Thank You For Your Kindness (3:05)
3. We'll Love Like Before (2:20)
4. Suzanne Marie (4:00)
5. Don't Look Back (2:50)
6. The Slave (3:10)

Catalogue number: LION LP-104