EL POLEN "Fuera del la Ciudad"
(Outside of the City) 


EL POLEN Following hot on the heels of our sold out mini-LP sleeve edition of Peruvian group El Polen’s "Cholo" album (Lion 7655), together with Peruvian label Repsychled Records, we bring you the band's second album, "Fuera del la Ciudad" (Outside of the City) (1973). El Polen was an artistic group, a group of hippies living in a community and expressing themselves in all levels of art, exchanging ideas, experiences and influences. After recording the "Cholo" album, the members of El Polen made a trip to Cuzco. There they lived in a commune in the Urubamba Valley. It was the perfect place at the perfect time, surrounded by greenery, with a magnificent sky free from pollution, and healthy food—a place full of peace and energy. Upon their return to Lima, El Polen recorded this album, reveling in their experience "outside of the city," and trying to bring those experiences to life on the album. The record kicks off with strange voices and violins, incidental hypnotic rhythms in an Andean folklore pattern; the lyrics speak of indigenous field rituals and respect for the land where they live. There are water and wind sounds, drums and panflutes. The themes of this album are unique and all created by the band, with the exception of "A las orillas del vilcanota" (On the banks of the Vilcanota) and ‘Valicha,’ which are (respectively) traditional Peruvian folk and Creole songs, arranged for this album by El Polen. The album includes a lengthy and impressive track, almost 14 minutes long, where the sounds of harps and violins are more than majestic, even including a choir of nuns who sing the theme; much of the rest of the track is an experimental improvisation leading to a fiesta patronal (party native to the highlands of the country). The album closes with an experimental rain song. This hand-numbered, limited mini-LP sleeve edition also includes two bonus tracks: "Ahijada de la luna" (God-daughter of the Moon" composed by Juan Luis Pereira, and performed by Grammy Award winner, and current Peruvian Minister of Culture, Susana Baca (one of her first recordings); the disc ends with a rare verson of ‘Valicha’ (a track from "Cholo") which appeared on a compilation LP called "Rock Concert" in 1973. This edition includes a replica poster for an El Polen concert from 13 February 1972 (?) and a sepia photo taken from the original negative. A genuine psychedelic Hippie record—a strange record with a very trancey feel throughout. Carefully remastered from the original master tapes and released in this limited edition of 400 copies, available exclusively worldwide from Lion Productions.

Track List: 1. Concordancia (7:28)
2. Mi cueva (4:15)
3. A las orillas del Vilcanota (4:04)
4. El hijo del Sol (13:35)
5. La puna (3:49).

Bonus tracks:

6. "Ahijada de la luna"
7. ‘Valicha’

Catalogue number: LION 7659 (hand numbered edition of 400 copies)
UPC: 778578765927