"S/T" ("Lost in My World")


Classic second album (1972) from psychedelic guru Armando Nava and his band is in Spanish this time, as all other Mexican bands were by now singing in English. The recording sessions were tumultuous: after the band—now stripped down to a power trio—had recorded just three songs, Nava stormed out of the sessions and locked himself in his house for fifteen days. Everyone on the outside worried about his safety, but Armando was fine: he kept himself busy reconfiguring the entire album, including penning the punishing riffs that form the central motif of the mesmerizing twelve-minute medley that explodes over the album’s entire first side. So again, as with the genesis of the Dug Dug’s debut album (also available from Lion Productions), the end result of all the tumult surrounding the band was a great album. There’s no doubt that the Dug Dug’s toughened up their sound on "Smog": to some people they sound like a crazy Mexican version of Jethro Tull, and to others like a Spanish speaking incarnation of MC5. No matter how you look at it, this is tremendous progressive-influenced hard rock, with a new chunky sound. It is clearly among a small group of elite recordings from the psychedelic age; it is also possibly the best Mexican hard rock album of all time.

Track List:
1. Smog 3:18
2. Buscalo 1:31
3. Hagómoslo Ahora 11:42;
4. Yo No Se 3:46
5. Cual es tu Nombre? 3:07
6. Meditacion 1:12
7. No Somos Malos 3:08
8. Voy Hacia el Cielo (Voy Hacia el Sol) 6:17

Catalogue number: LION 650 (CD)
UPC: 778578065027
Catalogue number: LION 650-LP (LP)
UPC: 886977985416 

DUG DUG’S The "must have" debut album (1971) from psychedelic guru Armando Nava and his band, recorded after their failed trip to NYC did not produce the stardom they had been promised—pain and disappointment sparking great song-writing on this, the first Mexican psych album in English. After an extended stint as the house band at Tijuana strip joint Fantasitas, Los Dug Dug's relocated to Mexico City in 1966. They quickly garnered a rabid fan following there, which resulted in the Dug Dug’s signing to RCA Records and cutting a series of singles (the band also headlined a pair of 1967 films, El Mundo Loco de los Jovenes and Cinco de Chocolate y Una de Fresa). Upon returning to Tijuana in 1968, Los Dug Dug's took up residence at the popular Sans Sous Ci club. An American tourist was so impressed that he offered to bankroll a trip for the band to New York City. The group played a handful of live dates and recorded a few demos, but having no money to pay the union fees necessary to earn them the opportunity to play NYC’s larger venues left them with little choice but to return to Mexico. Los Dug Dug’s immediately began work on their first LP for RCA Mexico, little knowing at the time that it would become a classic of psychedelia. Long-simmering creative differences between band leaders Nava and Jorge de la Torre forced the latter's resignation after the album was completed; by the time the resulting psychedelic opus appeared in 1971, the first incarnation of Los Dug Dug's was essentially no more. All that remained was this heavy, explosive album, a record which captures the fever/dream humidity of flower children running amok on a July afternoon. Essential. Licensed from Sony/BMG, and newly mastered from the original tapes. Mini-LP replica jacket, enclosed inside a re-sealable PVC outer sleeve.

Track List:
1. Lost in My World (Perdido en mi mundo) 3:26
2. Without Thinking (Sin pensario)1:30
3. Eclipse 2:39
4. Sometimes (Algunas veces) 2:22
5. Let's Make It Now (Hagámoslo ahora) 4:32
6. World of Love (Mundo de amor) 3:23
7. I Got the Feeling (Tengo el sentimiento) 3:18
8. It's Over (Se acabó) 3:29
9. Going Home (Yendo a casa) 1:55
10. Who Would Look At Me? (Quien me mirará?) 3:15

Catalogue number: LION 649-LP (LP)
UPC: 886977985416

Catalogue number: LION 649 (CD)
UPC: 778578064921