“Nocturnal Earthworm Stew”



An incredible pioneering electronic album recorded in the early 1970’s, from the first Canadian artist signed to Island Records. Serious headphone music made under the influence of Stockhausen, John Cage, Ornette Coleman, Stravinsky, Frank Zappa, Weather Report, Charles Ives and others—and with a sound that’s often compared to that of early Eno and/or (depending on your preferences) the first two Kraftwerk albums. Indefinable compositions integrate the earliest of portable synthsizers (ARP 2600 and EMS AKS) with acoustic instruments (violin, cello, dulcimer, electric violin, electric guitar), found sounds (short-wave radio transmissions and a summer thunderstorm) and random objects (instant coffee jar, scissors, chopsticks, among others)—and they also have special contributions from Nash the Slash (a.k.a. Jeff Plewman) and Martin Deller of famed Canadian band FM. Sixteen-page booklet has an abundance of photos, track by track information, and the odd history of these seminal recordings told by David Pritchard himself. Includes four bonus tracks not on the original 1976 Island LP release.

1 Le Chien Chaud 1:35
2 Wax Wings 2:43
The Harry Parchment / Yellow Stickers / Nash Metropolitan
3a The Harry Parchment (Dance Of Domestic Tools)
3b The Harry Parchment (Fingerpuzzle For Charles Ives)
3c The Harry Parchment (A Dictionary In The Suburbs)
3d Yellow Stickers
3e Nash Metropolitan 5:13
4 An Admission Of Guilt 12:58
5 Under The Palms 2:32
Nocturnal Earthworm Stew "An Electronic Rendering Of The Night"
6 Birth Of Merlin 4:08
7a The Evil Ogre Interlude
7b Satan's Seaside Walk 3:22
8 The March Of Mallory Bat 5:11
9 Thunderpeal 5:52
10 Cats N' Cabbage / Morning Splinters 3:23
Bonus Tracks
11 An Admission Of Guilt (Alternate Mix) 15:26
12 Do-Re-Mi 1:11
13 Short Wave Wiggles 1:50
14 The Fat Soprano 2:3

Catalogue number: PACE 044-LN
UPC number: 778578044022