Various "Cold Waves of Color
Volume 2” (LION edition) CD

Cold Waves of Color 2Following on from the superb first volume, here is the second volume of electronics, synth pop, cold wave and minimal tracks culled from the archives of the legendary COLOR TAPES UK cassette label from the 1980's. These tracks originally came out as micro editions on cassette back then some of which are also unreleased too. It includes rare tracks by the likes of: Lives of Angels, Disintegrators, The Lord, WeR7, Mystery Plane and Berserk in a Hayfield. 180 gram vinyl edition with full colour poster plus a rare reprint of issue one of Color Tapes' own "Purple Twilight" fanzine from 1985, that features articles on such bands as Lives of Angels, Modern Art, Legendary Pink Dots, and Cleaners From Venus. A superb document from the 80's UK cassette underground scene. Remastered from the original source tapes by Denis Blackham, this is a must-have for synth and cold wave collectors! "There's some real gold inside, not least in The Lord's kosmic electro-garage-punk mission, 'Transvision', or the wiry EBM of Beserk In A Hayfield's 'Pulse', but also the swirling noise blow-out of WeR7's 'Masterful of Ceremonies (Edit)', and the flanging garage-punk strut of 'Elixir Vapor' by Disintegrators, plus a handful of icy, cold and crisp 808 workouts Lives of Angels and Body Electric." —Boomkat.  

"One of the best selling Minimal electro comps we've ever had on pre order. As far as UK underground electro, industrial bedroom funk and weird synth pop goes this obscure imprint is amazingly sought after and seemed to be a breeding ground for some pretty timeless and amazing stuff. This set gets my highest possible recommendation, the appealing thing being that unlike many collections of European cold wave & minimal machine pop, there's nothing particularly familiar here (no classic "hits" yo) apart from the shimmering icy melodies and fiercely aloof analogue rhythms." -Norman Records

"Those out there who have chased super limited editions of Color Tapes/Discs on Discogs will know how special the underground label was for the English 1980s... Britishness may seem to be mentioned often in how these tracks are talked about, but in a sense the glorious intuition of Color Tapes was to pick up some of the much more European undercurrents in British synth and connect them to other countries, scenes, situations. Listening to this record, you don’t hear what we know as the UK sound of synth or coldwave, but something else, a rarefied, joyously experimental scene filled with ideas, perhaps to be picked up now. The super-precious gems are the wonderful edit of WeR7’s “Masterful of Ceremonies”, the glorious and very long-sighted Purple Twilight Remix of the Space Brothers’ “Lodore” and the good old proper coldwave of “Experiment 1” and “2” by the excellent Lives of Angels. A cold, kitcheny, 4am kind of record, oppressive and dreamy in perfect measures. Oh, and you get an A5 photocopied issue of the Purple Twilight fanzine from 1985!" —Juno Records (Best Reissues and Archival Releases)

•Features underground cold wave pioneers Lives of Angels, Modern Art, and WeR7

•Cold wave, electronic synth pop, and minimal tracks from the Color Tapes archive, recorded between 1981-1985

•Tracks drawn from DIY cassette editions of 100 copies (or less)

Track List:
01 Disintegrators • Elixir Vapor • from Disintegrate EP •
    Released 1983 • 3:32          
02 Void • Transvision • from Hidden World • Released 1983 • 3:06   03 The Lord • Out Of Space And Out Of Time • From Winds of
    Space EP • Released 1984 • 6:17                          
04 Body Electric • Undercurrents • From Body Electric •
    Released 1983 • 3:19           
05 Space Brothers • Lodore (Purple Twilight Remix) •
    From Space Brothers EP • Included in Purple Twilight No.
    2 Fanzine, 1985 • 3:30                    
06 Void • Radio  • from Hidden World • Released 1983 • 3:46          
07 Berserk In A Hayfield • Pulse • From An Hour of Color Volume 2 •
    Released 1985 • 5:12                  
08 WeR7 • Masterful Of Ceremonies (Edit) • From Dance To This •
    Released 1982 • 5:15                  
09 Lives Of Angels • Experiment 1 •
    Previously Unreleased 1985 • 2:32                     
10 Mystery Plane • Find Some Body • from Punishment Block •
    Released 1983 • 3:53  
11 Lives Of Angels • Experiment 2 •
    Previously Unreleased 1985 • 2:47   
Bonus Track (not on LP edition)                   
12 Modern Art • Fatal Crash Immersed the Start (Bass Mix) •
    Previously Unreleased Mix 1985 • 8:15

Format: digipack CD + 36-page fanzine
Catalogue number: COLOR CD 02/LION
UPC: 778578111229