ATTACK “Complete Recordings 1967-1969” 


The four great bands of the 1966 pop-apocalypse were the Who, the Action, the Creation and the Attack: four names that in their brevity summed up their flash and mod-pop appeal. These were bands that had more energy than an H-bomb after-flash, and they hit the senses with a long-awaited wake up call. The title of this disc should clue you in about what you're getting in this case: we’ve assembled the complete output from the prime era of the Attack, taken for the very first time from the original master tapes—fifteen tracks of essential UK freakbeat/psych, with hard-edged, sitar-esque guitar, great vocals and prominent organ. At their best, the Attack indeed attacked, leaving us with excellent distorted and nicely fuzzed-out psych, often with a hard edge and Kinks style proto-metal licks... Although, truth be told, the music of the Attack bears closer resemblance to that of the Birds, the Pretty Things, or the Creation. This definitive collection of Attack recordings includes such stand outs as ‘Try It’ (bugged out insanity, with sexual overtones blowing the Standells version into oblivion); ‘We Don't Know’ (a tight explosion of mod-soul); ‘Anymore Than I Do’ (a freak beat classic); their pre-Jeff Beck version of ‘Hi Ho Silver lining;’ and perhaps the band’s most oft-requested track, their unreleased Decca single ‘Magic in the Air.’ Solid tracks from a band perhaps best known today for a revolving door membership that gave them connections to the Marmalade, The Nice and Atomic Rooster (Alan Whithead left the group to form Marmalade; Davey O’List joined the Nice, and the rest of the band evolved into the great Andromeda, until guitarist John DuCann left to join Atomic Rooster).

1 Magic In The Air
2 Try It
3 Colour Of My Mind
4 Feel Like Flying
5 Lady Orange Peel
6 Freedom For You
7 Mr Pinnodmy's Dilemma
9 Strange House
10 Anymore Than I Do
11 Created By Clive
12 We Don't Know
13 Hi-Ho Silver Lining
14 Neville Thumbcatch
15 Too Old
16 Go Your Way

Catalogue number: ACLN 1005 CD
UPC number: 778578100520