A Passing
                            Fancy Revised and expanded version of the much beloved Canadian pop-psych album by A Passing Fancy!
This edition has been a long time in the works, with most of the delay resulting from our efforts to make something out of the fragments of mangled stereo master tape that still exist (the previous edition was in mono). All the production delays left us with plenty of time to consider the excellence of the album, which has surprising variety: tough garage rock (lead track ‘I’m Losing Tonight’); beat music influence (singles tracks ‘A Passing Fancy,’ ‘You're Going Out Of Your Mind,’ and ‘She Phoned’); sunshine pop (‘I Believe in Sunshine’); songs with a social conscience (the discursive ‘Spread Out’); and a great acid rock meltdown (‘Your Trip’). These same delays also left us ample opportunity to uncover what had become of the various band members. A bit of searching led us to A Passing Fancy lead singer, rhythm guitarist, and primary song-writer Jay Telfer. He supplied a band history and lyrics for all the songs to round out this revamped edition of an album considered by many to be the best to come out of Canada during the late 1960’s. Includes the fuzzed-out single version of ‘I’m Losing Tonight’ as a bonus track.

1. I'm Losing Tonight (2:53)
2. A Passing Fancy (2:41)
3. You're Going out of My Mind (2:37)
4. Sounds Silly (2:30)
5. She Phoned (2:16)
6. I Believe in Sunshine (2:27)
7. Island (2:11)
8. Your Trip (3:10)
9. Little Boys for Little Girls (3:35)
10. Under the Bridge (2:42)
11. Spread Out (2:57)
12. People in Me (3:24)
13. [Untitled] (2:49)

Catalogue number: PACE-034-LN (Lion)
UPC: 778578003425