Limited LP edition


All of 49th Parallel's singles and b-sides + rare alternates, on vinyl for the first time since their initial pressings back in 1966-68! The band’s first single, ‘All Your Love’, was recorded in 1966 as the Shades of Blond; it was previously only available on a staggeringly rare EP featuring Calgary bands. Their debut as 49th Parallel came with ‘Laborer’/’You Do Things’ in mid 1967, followed by ‘She Says’ b/w ‘Citizen Freak in early 1968: four hard-edged garage punk tracks—tough, and thick with fuzz guitar and a defiant sneer. The next single, ‘Blue Bonnie Blue’ b/w ’Missouri’ appeared in late spring of 1968. In the spring of 1969, the beautiful ‘Twilight Woman’ b/w ‘Close the Barn Door’ zoomed up the charts across Canada and parts of the USA. Both ‘Twilight Woman’ and the hit follow-up, ‘Now That I'm A Man’ b/w (Come On Little Child &) Talk To Me are melodic pop/psych of the purest and finest kind. One more post-LP single and a couple of rare tracks round out the story. Fifteen tracks all told on this, the ultimate 49th Parallel vinyl collection.

•First vinyl release since their initial pressings back in 1966-68!

•LP limited to 500 copies

•One of the top Canadian rock bands of the psychedelic era

•Companion piece to our sold out reissue from earlier this year of the band's only album

Track List:
Side A:
as Shades of Blond:
01. All Your Love (2:10)
as 49th Parallel:
02. Laborer (2:25)
03. You Do Things (2:23)
04. She Says (1:57)
05. Citizen Freak (1:36)
06. Blue Bonnie Blue (2:30)
07. Missouri (single mix) (2:20)
08. Twilight Woman (2:23)
09. Close The Barn Door (3:11)

Side B:
01. Now That I’m A Man (2:22)
02. (Come On Little Child &) Talk To Me (3:00)
03. Up To No Good (2:19)
04. I Need You (4:21)
05. Goodtime Baby (2:46)
06. Blue Bonnie Blue (alternate single mix) (2:24)

Catalogue number: LION LP-144
UPC: 778578314415