“49th Parallel”

Limited LP edition


In the spring of 1969, 49th Parallel had a hit in with ‘Twilight Woman’, a lovely song that sounds like a poppier version of what bands like Tomorrow were doing in England. That success led to the release of 49th Parallel’s only album. All hyperbole aside, it is easily one of the top Canadian rock albums of the psychedelic era. The album is strong throughout—from the pulsating psychedelia of ‘Lazerander Filchy’ and the ultra-strange ‘(The) Magician’, the shimmering beauty of 'Twilight Woman', to the quintessential slashing guitars punk edginess of ‘Now That I'm a Man’ and ‘(Come On Little Child &) Talk To Me’. Dan Lowe's blazing fuzz guitar work stands out on ‘Missouri’ and also when matched by organist Jack Velker's brilliant work on ‘Eye To Eye’, ‘Talk To Me’ and ‘(The) People’.

•First official vinyl reissue since its original release in 1969

•LP limited to 500 copies

•One of the top Canadian rock albums of the psychedelic era

•Comes with color insert with band history and photos

Track List:
Side 1:
1. Now That I’m A Man (2:33)
2. Get Away (2:35)
3. Eye to Eye (2:56)
4. Missouri (3:28)
5. Lazerander Filchy (3:03)

Side 2:
1. (Come On Little Child &) Talk To Me (3:00)
2. (The) Magician (3:44)
3. Twilight Woman (2:32)
4. Close The Barn Door (3:14)
5. The People (2:51)

Catalogue number: LION LP-138
UPC: 778578313814  
Format: LP + color insert