Coming Soon: we're working diligently to get these out as soon as possible:

Jean-Pierre Alarcen "Tableau No 1/same"

Atlantide "Atlantide" CD

Baroques "S/T" + extras: deluxe 2xLP and 2xCD in the works

Carpe Diem "En Regardant Oasser Le Temps"
Carpe Diem "Cuelle Le Jour"

Christmas "S/T" updated CD edition with extensive notes and bonus + first legitimate reissue LP edition

Coil "Astral Disaster" Prescription Edition CD numbered, limited edition

Combo Xingu "Xingu" rare IRT album, from masters LP + CD

Cos "Viva Boma" CD + LP
Cos "Postaeolian Train Robbery"
Cos "Babel"

Daszu "Zone of Swans/Lucid Actual + One Half Dativa" 2xLP terrific poetic post punk

Daszu/Mark Rudolph "Lucid Actual 1999" later recordings from multi-talented interactive 3D artist, musician, software developer, mathematician

Dominique Blanc-Francard "Ailleurs" LP edition, licensed from Universal France

Genesis "S/T" (Uruguay) fantastic fierce fuzz rock—LP edition

Kath "1" 2xLP deluxe edition including rare singles tracks, and speed corrected master

Los Jockers "Nueva Sociedad" RCA Chile LP + CD

Los Sonny's "En TV" Alba Chile LP + CD

Lost Souls "S/T" collected works by Cleveland psychedelic legends, including post-break-up tracks featuring Denny Carlton with the Choir, Moses, and other outfits—CD w/32-page booklet and deluxe gatefold LP

Modern Art "Oriental Towers" CD edition, co-production with Color Tapes

Modern Art "Underwater Kites" CD edition, co-production with Color Tapes

New Riders Of The Purple Sage "Powerglide" from 24-bit/KHz master tape transfers, licensed from Sony

Souls of Inspyration "S/T" updated CD edition with notes and bonus; deluxe LP edition

St. Pius X Seminary Choir "Each One Heard" more oddness from musical mind behind Search Party—CD and LP

Stefan Gnys "Horizoning" stupifyingly rare private press (acetate only) from Canada

Various "Cold Waves of Color 4" CD edition, co-production with Color Tapes, w/ 28-page book

Winterhawk "Revival" co-production with Rockadrome/Vintage

Zabu "My Coffin's Ready" CD D